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emergency and disaster management

Quick responses to disasters and emergency play a critical role in accessing and rebuilding affected areas. Funding is essential to instruct and prepare Surveyor and Spatial professionals in case of an unexpected disastrous events, as well as developing innovative technologies to assist in the recovery efforts or to prevent future incidents.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency in the US  has developed online tools to assist Surveyors in accessing flooding hazard areas, reiterating the importance of emergency preparedness that can be developed for our profession in New Zealand if we provide the resources to achieve that goal.

The Kairūri Community Trust proposes to deliver resources and/or funding to support emergency and disaster management in New Zealand, particularly where emergency and disaster response can be assisted by access to Surveying and Spatial information, resources and specialist and/or experienced personnel. This goal can be achieved with your donation or contribution.


Christchurch City Council explained that “The earthquakes experienced in the Canterbury region between 4 September 2010 and 23 December 2011 put the integrity of the Council’s existing network of benchmarks in doubt. In response to each of the seismic events a Global Navigation Satellite System derived “emergency response” benchmark network was established as an interim measure to assist in the recovery effort with the intention that a higher accuracy “recovery response” precise leveled network would be established once seismic activity had subsided to a permissible level”.

In this context, if funding was provided to reassess the suitability of benchmarks before a disaster, those parameters could have been improved and enhanced before an emergency, minimising the resources and time spent in recovering the affected areas. Moreover, the International Federation of Surveyors has expressed that “disaster risk reduction could and should be an essential field of application for a surveyor.” Your help will assist us in tackling this issue and offering aid.

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