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Meet the Kairuri Team


Kairūri  means ‘surveyor’ in Māori which makes it a fitting name for our first charitable trust set up with the aim of fostering the future of the surveying and spatial community.


After several years of planning, the Kairūri Community Trust was set up in 2017 and launched at the S+SNZ annual conference held in Nelson, New Zealand in May 2018.


The purpose of the trust is to benefit the profession and the community and create a legacy for the future. The Trustees’ objective is to build up awareness and to grow and educate the public on the surveying and spatial community. This future focus gives benefactors the opportunity to provide educational scholarships, support school programmes that are inclusive, foster diversity and encourage the next generation of surveying and spatial professionals.


The Trust aims to support allied causes that are currently unfunded or in need of economic backing. They will be looking to address issues, encourage diversity, create equal opportunities for people who may be disadvantaged by gender, ethnicity, social or economic conditions.

Other key aims are the preservation of historical records that are vital to understanding the profession and supporting research scholarships and school programmes that are essential to advancing the science of the industry.


An essential aspect of the Trust, reflected in the charitable status and the appointment of independent Trustees, is the complete independence from S+SNZ operations. This is reflected in the charitable status that has been granted and the appointment of independent Trustees. The Trustees are well respected in the surveying and spatial community. Trust Chair Simon Jellie, is joined by Trustees Melissa Harrington and James Berghan.  



There are several options for people to contribute to the Trust including bequeaths, donations, attending fundraising events and gifting.


The Trust is composed of respected personalities in New Zealand's surveying and spatial community. They are committed to enhancing the surveying and spatial profession and increasing the public awareness of the wide variety of services that it offers.

As a generous donor, you will be raising awareness of the industry and contributing to its growth and role in society. You can expect your contribution to be managed with respect and responsibility for the beneficiaries of the trust funds.

KCT Trustee Chair
Simon Jellie.jpg

Jayne is a project manager in the Christchurch Water team at Beca. Jayne works in the delivery team providing project management services and technical solutions, predominately to South Island Local Authorities. She has 12 years practicing as a Registered Professional Surveyor

James Berghan
KCT Trustee
My project-1.png

Dr James Berghan - A former student of the School of Surveying, James joined the staff in 2020 where he researches and teaches planning, urban design and research methods. His doctoral thesis explored the critical success factors in developing urban papakāinga and cohousing communities as part of the Building Better Homes, Towns & Cities National Science Challenge.

He is interested in the interrelationships between people and the built environment, broadly spanning indigenous development, affordable housing, collective housing, hauora, tactical urbanism, streetscapes and active transport.

KCT Trustee
Melissa H crop.png


   The charitable purposes of the Trust are two-fold:

  •  to advance education, diversity, understanding, awareness and appreciation of Surveying and Spatial  and, 

  • to benefit the community.


   These purposes may be accomplished by:

  • Providing scholarships and grants to support those seeking careers or further education in Surveying and Spatial, particularly for those who have financial or other barriers to pursuing tertiary education, and also other scholarships offered with the purpose of increasing diversity of people (including but not limited to gender, ethnicity and socio-economic circumstances) involved in Surveying and Spatial.


  • Making grants to universities, schools and other places of learning for improvements in resources, facilities or knowledge in courses and/or training in Surveying and Spatial and/or establishing new facilities to offer education in Surveying and Spatial.


  • Developing, funding and obtaining practical application of scientific knowledge and research in Surveying and Spatial, for the benefit of and accessible by the community, and funding visiting scholars, lecturers and specialists to share their knowledge for the benefit of students and the community.


  • Identifying, funding, recognising and developing the value and place(s) of Surveying and Spatial in New Zealand history including but not limited to undertaking projects relating to monuments, preservation of sites, equipment and materials, writing books and articles, giving public lectures, exhibitions, displays and presentations, purchase and preservation of historic maps, atlases, books, documents and archives and Surveying and Spatial equipment for public access and public display where that can be practically achieved.


  • Providing resources and/or funding support for emergency/disaster management in New Zealand particularly where emergency/disaster response can be assisted by access to Surveying and Spatial information, resources and specialist and/or experienced personnel.


  • Other activities that are determined by the Trustees to be of importance to Surveying and Spatial and/or are specifically recorded by funders of the Trust as purposes for use of funds in New Zealand, provided that in every case such activities/purposes are charitable in accordance with New Zealand Law and must be of benefit to the community.


Our Objective
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