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Our Proposal >>> What your donation will support

As a donor or contributor, you will be supporting individuals in areas that are currently in need of funding. Donations will help us address issues, encourage diversity and create equal opportunities for people who may be disadvantaged through gender, ethnicity, social or economic conditions. The Trust supports research, scholarships and school programs – all essential in advancing the science behind our industry.


Click on the examples below to find out more about proposed programs and support that is in place.

Our Prososal

“The Kairuri Community Trust can give surveying and spatial careers an awareness; a real lift in developing future work readiness.  I believe the Trust is being established at a critical time for our industry and can develop an important strategic support role for the future.”

Bill Robertson, Inaugural Kairūri Community Trust Chair

Become a Kairuri Tautoko


As donors and contributors, you will be supporting causes that are currently unfunded or in need of economic backing to flourish in the New Zealand economy. These will be issues such as addressing diversity in the profession, creating equal opportunities for gender, ethnicities, social or economically disadvantaged people. Others causes will be research, scholarships and school programs essential to advance the science behind our industries. An example of a community interest is the preserving historical records that are vital to the understanding of our longstanding profession.


Each donor will receive a welcome pack for their donation, including a letter and merchandise to promote the Kairūri Community Trust brand. Annual newsletters will provide donors with an update on the activities of the Trust.

Ways to Donate


Donate online now. You can donate any amount and even set up regular monthly payments.

Fundraisers & Events

Subscribe to our newsletter and participate in our fundraiser events. 

Bequest in Your Will

Nominate a contribution in your will as a present to our trust.

Residuary: What is left over (the residue) in your estate after all expenses, debts, and other specific bequests have been settled.

Pecuniary: A specific sum of money in your will.

Specific bequest: Where a particular item is specified in a will, for example, works of art, or stocks and shares, or even property.

Direct Deposit

Please send us an email requesting an invoice for the amount you wish to donate.

Payroll Giving

Please send us an email requesting the information required by your employer. Learn more about payroll giving.

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