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Education for an individual’s  preferred career starts early in life and unquestionably schools play a big part in helping develop the skills and personal attributes required for any profession. 

We want to grow our pool of future professionals. Funding school programs to enhance the awareness of surveying and spatial careers is vital to guide talented children with aptitude for maths and science into our profession and to increase participation in the community..

School including  Maths  (especially Calculus, Geometry and Algebra), English, Geography and Digital Technologies such as Information Management, Physics, Design and Visual Communications  are recommended to be fully developed in schools. These subjects will encourage successful  higher education achievements in surveying and spatial programmes. Consequently, schools can benefit from having equipment and programs that are capable of taking those disciplines a step further.

According to, “surveying professionals must have strong mathematical skills in order to understand the complexities of calculating averages, measuring angles and computing land mass areas. Surveying requires specialised equipment, such as high-precision and electro-mechanical instruments and global positioning technologies, to acquire spatial data, perform data reduction, analyse measurements and make data adjustments”.   

Making grants available to schools, universities and other places of learning for improvements in resources, facilities or knowledge are fundamental to develop educational opportunities in Surveying and Spatial as well as establishing new facilities to offer these courses. We are committed to creating the opportunity for education in our sector, using your help to fund these projects. 

Other professions have understood the need to help kids develop their skills at an early age and provided funds, creating a bridge between higher education and schools. This has benefited the profession as a whole.  The Kairūri Community Trust aims to advance realistic options for school kids to join the Surveying and Spatial community by developing their full potential, along with generating educational opportunities for everyone interested in being part of our community  .

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