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research and scientific development

Sharing knowledge is the most basic element of creating and diffusing current knowledge and sustaining scientific growth. Our trust is committed to support the creation of scientific knowledge that will improve and advance our profession.

The importance of Surveying and Spatial research is widespread, as explained by the University of Tasmania, asserting that “spatial data underpins almost every aspect of modern life. Advanced spatial data management skills equip us to make meaningful contributions to society; measuring and mapping our natural and built environments and monitoring changes including those related to climate change”.


Other long-term applications in research, as suggested by Land Information New Zealand, is to contribute to New Zealand city’s long-term spatial planning and New Zealand’s agriculture/forestry geospatial needs.

The Kairūri Community Trust will develop, fund and obtain practical application of scientific knowledge and research in Surveying and Spatial industry, for the benefit of, and accessible by the community, in addition to funding visiting scholars, lecturers and specialists to share their knowledge for the benefit of students and the community.


The investment in research improves the use of responsible natural resources to increase sustainability, besides managing risk and responding to disasters and emergency more efficiently. Moreover, it potentially adds knowledge to many different industries, enhancing the overall economic fabric of New Zealand. Our efforts will help the Surveyor and Spatial industry to generate relevant knowledge that is useful to all New Zealanders. Therefore, your support is vital to the implementation of the beforementioned practices that can improve our profession.

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