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scholarships and grants

It is our social responsibility to provide equal opportunities resulting in a diverse and strong workforce that resonates with the New Zealand community. Addressing these issues are also part of our pledge to the donors and contributors that fund the Kairūri Community Trust. We will  encourage diversity in our profession through enhanced recruitment strategies, creating of inclusive programs and contributing to the education of employers on how to achieve  diversity.

Our goal is to provide scholarships and grants to support those seeking careers or further education in Surveying and Spatial. Particularly for  individuals who face financial  or other barriers to pursuing tertiary education.

The State Services Commission exemplify diversity in a report stating that “developing a more diverse workforce is not just about ethnicity. Diversity involves gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, education, national origin, and religion. Diversity encompasses a broad spread of experience, culture, perspective and lifestyle of those who live in New Zealand.”

Other scholarships will be offered with the purpose of increasing diversity of people  involved in

Surveying and Spatial.

Recently, Auckland was recognised as one of the most diverse cities in the world and the efforts towards creating  greater diversity are accelerating fast. Our profession should be a positive driver in acquiring diverse talent,  making inclusion a norm that is respected and cultivated amongst our peers. Your valued contribution will support these efforts.

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