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The Kairūri Community Trust will engage the community in inclusive and resourceful activities, including a variety of fundraising events, raising relevant community debates and gathering stories from users and supporters.

We will develop items such as Surveyor and Spatial community newsletters, fundraising bingo, fundraising trivia, pledge events, auctions, food and wine events, sports events, raffles and a dedicated souvenir online shop.

Being part of the community is also listening to their issues and be available to help in situations where a Surveyor or Spatial professional is needed.

Educating the public in the importance of the Surveyor and Spatial professional is essential to get community engagement. KCT will also create other activities that are determined by the Trustees to be of importance to Surveying and Spatial and/or are specifically recorded by funders of the Trust as purposes for use of funds in New Zealand, provided that in every case such activities/purposes are charitable in accordance with New Zealand Law and must be of benefit to the community.

surveying and spatial community programs

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