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With the goal of caring for our history, your donation will help us acquire and preserve important documents, books, maps, equipment, old materials and the history of Surveying and Spatial profession. Our efforts will identify, fund, recognise and develop the value and places of Surveying and Spatial in New Zealand history.

We will endeavour to create exhibitions, displays and presentations with Surveying and Spatial equipment and historical documents for public access and public display wherever that can be practicably achieved, for example taking part in museum exhibitions and displays.


More specifically, our preservation cause includes undertaking projects relating to monuments, preservation of sites, equipment and materials, writing books and articles, giving public lectures, purchase and preservation of historic maps, atlases, books, documents and archives and other related materials. A fund created to preserve the history of our occupation would increase public awareness of how the profession developed to become what it is today and also be part of the community identity with those professionals.

In the United States, more than 4.8 billion artifacts are held in museums, libraries and collections, where it is estimated that one third is lost due to lack of funding. Our history should not be destined to the same fortune. You can help us protect and preserve the history of our profession, which is your history and part of your life as a Surveyor and Spatial professional.

museum, culture and history preservation

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